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VIC What are the Consequences of Passport Fraud?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Freedomat30, 23 June 2016.

  1. Freedomat30

    Freedomat30 Member

    10 November 2015
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    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    My ex has forged my signature on my child's passport and is now under investigation with the passport fraud department. What would be the sort of consequences for this type of fraud?
  2. Victoria S

    Victoria S Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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    Not sure that forging your signature would be considered " passport fraud" per se - as he hasn't created a fraudulent passport per se which is an indictable offence and can attract imprisonment of up to 10 years and very large fines, but rather has obtained a passport by fraud.

    If you wish to provide information to authorities about this you can contact the Australian Passport Information Service.
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