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    NSW Incident with Pedestrian at Car Park - Help?

    This incident happened today at a Westfield Bondi Junction parking lot and I'm still quite shocked/confused as to what happened. I apologise in advance at how long this may be - I just wanted to include as much detail as I can recollect as it is still fresh in my mind. It was a busy Sunday...
  2. D

    VIC Gift Card Expiry Not Displayed - Take to VCAT?

    I was given a $100 gift card from my employer. It required me to activate the card within 3 months by either calling a number/or going on-line. I activated it soon after getting it. It also had instructions on the card that I had one year to use it after activation. It expired on 15/11/2014 and...
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    QLD My experience with Myer Online - Charged with Fraud

    Hello Late last year I purchased some items online from the Myer website at a very reduced price. I then decided to keep some of the merchandise and return the ones that I didn't like (unopened and in pristine condition). I did not have a receipt as the online function of their website, etc...