VIC Sign Legal Papers to Have Property Signed Over to Mum?

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26 July 2015
My father passed away in March this year, and now me and my other siblings have to sign legal documents to have the house, (my mum lives in) signed over to her as the deed for the house was left at the bank sence my father brought it many years back, and my parents where not married and the house did not get put in my mums name as well when they married therefor thats why we have to sign forms.

The issue being is that I've been sent this paperwork to sign, it says I have agreed to everything in the letter (which i haven't) if i dont sign the paperwork me and my siblings get $20,000 each, mum gets $100,000 house gets sold mum has no where to live, if i do sign mum gets to live in the house, but since my father has passed my family have disowned me. Do I have any property rights?

Feeling really lost.


Who sent you the paper work? And what is the basis for the agreement to take 20,000 and your mum gets $100,000 if the house gets sold? Is this the stipulation in the will?