WA RTO offering refund but making it impractical to gain

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15 July 2021
I have had an issue where after paying for a full day course the actual course on the day was double booked and the RTO (registered training organisation) basically finished up the course at midday to run another that afternoon. The training course finished with an exam which myself and I believe everyone failed due to the rushed and lack of almost any real training. I believe this was likely due to covid and the increased market for training and was and probably still is a intentional tactic as a quick cash grab. The whole thing was almost unbelievable and the attitudes of the staff were those knowingly doing something wrong.

To make things worse they also after failing students then asked for more money for another couple hours training that should then "get you through". unfortunately I paid this as was basically rounded up and told to. I only later realised how much of a scam it was (as most people who have been scammed can agree at the time you are controlled to not think clearly). This course was construction related training and the trainers were very aggressive and some staff sat out near the front door smoking the whole time.

After complaining they offered a refund of the second amount only but refuse to transfer the money and demand I attend the depot to collect the refund in person and provide the original paper eftpos receipt. They also will not post an academic statement and demand it is also collected, they have refused to provide an itemised bill and cut off communication. The nature of these people is something I will not entertain so I refuse to attend or deal with them in person. There is a real concern of abuse or violence.

A complaint to the regulatory department TAC has only ended in the trainer denying everything including the time the course ended, I have the receipt of the second payment to prove the time but they just still deny it happened. Therefore apparently it is my word against theirs and I would need to take legal action to determine a judgement. The trainers were also using a fake name and not the registered RTO name to advertise the training. Apparently as the advertising including the description of a day course was as another entity TAC has no power to even look at it as was not by an RTO.

any advice?
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