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Open Colleges Australia (Open Colleges) is an online vocational education organization based in Australia. It was previously known as Cengage Education, formerly International Correspondence Schools (ICS), the first distance education provider registered in Australia.
The majority of enrolled students are based in Australia. All courses are delivered online with the option to receive printed study material. Some courses require work placement as part of the courses.
The organization has a wide range of qualifications available online including courses provided through the Australian national qualification framework.

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  1. Chale98

    What are my rights? - Open Colleges denying refund

    Grateful for any tips or advice. I currently hold a bachelor of digital media, majored in graphic design and a cert 3 in digital media. I wanted to further my knowledge of design by doing some online studying for interior design. I have a fairly good understanding of design language and concepts...
  2. J

    Open Colleges SCAMMERS

    Hi, Only 17 days of signing up i asked to change to a course that cost $1,600 from a course of $3,600. but they want me to pay for the $3600 one! then with no use of reaching an agreement with scammers Open colleges, I asked for a refund/cancel on 7/ 1/20 from open colleges but they want are...
  3. Loavii

    NSW Open Colleges - Rejected Special Consideration Request

    So I paid $6000 upfront for a course, never completed the first module, never had access to any other modules. I applied last October for special considerations for medical reasons, after giving them everything their policy asks for and filling out the form in great detail, I was rejected, came...
  4. L

    NSW What are my rights, open colleges let down.

    I started studying with open colleges a few years ago, they didn't recognise my prior hours that I had done (which you need for the course) as "it had to be done whilst signed up to this course" even though I had signed hours and a log book from my previous institute. So I got another job and...
  5. H

    WA Open Colleges - Cancellation of Online Course?

    Hi, so I started a vet nursing course online, through open colleges. It's been just over a month and I have realised that it isn't for me. I have been paying weekly instalments of $87, this was to be continued for 24 months. In the policy, I did not read that I would have to pay the rest of...
  6. A

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Misleading Information in Contract with Open Colleges?

    Hi. I'm studying for a Health Services Assistant in Acute Care Certificate III through Open Colleges in Australia. It is an Australian online College. Currently, I'm at a loss on what to do and need some legal help. In the contract, it states that I am responsible for finding work placement...
  7. B

    VIC Open Colleges - Repercussions if I Stop Payments?

    Hi all, Just wondering what my options are with Open Colleges. I've recently lost my job and can no longer complete my certificate. Roughly $3000 left on it. I pay about $85 per week. What are the repercussions if I was to block payments through the bank?? Appreciate any help, Thanks.
  8. M

    NSW Open Colleges 7-day Cooling Off Period Acceptable?

    I enroled at Open Colleges for a course that has a total of 13 units to be completed over a maximum of two years. I was paying on a weekly basis. They sent me materials for two units. Later on, I decided to withdraw from the course but they asked me to pay the whole course fees referring to a...
  9. S

    VIC Open Colleges - Have I Been Scammed?

    I enquired to do a online Course with this training organisation, Open Colleges, and the salesman was very smooth and pushy to get me signed up. I was quoted an overall price of $4400 to do the course, which is 12 units in length. I mentioned that I had already completed 6 units of this course...
  10. N

    NSW Does Debt from Open Colleges Affect My Credit Rating?

    I have an outstanding debt of $1500 (original price was over 5k) from Open Colleges for a course I wanted to do, but never started. I lost my job and was unable to pay the remainder I have been getting letters and emails every 3/4 weeks for last 3 months saying that if I don't pay the full...