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  1. Loavii

    NSW Open Colleges - Rejected Special Consideration Request

    So I paid $6000 upfront for a course, never completed the first module, never had access to any other modules. I applied last October for special considerations for medical reasons, after giving them everything their policy asks for and filling out the form in great detail, I was rejected, came...
  2. L

    NSW What are my rights, open colleges let down.

    I started studying with open colleges a few years ago, they didn't recognise my prior hours that I had done (which you need for the course) as "it had to be done whilst signed up to this course" even though I had signed hours and a log book from my previous institute. So I got another job and...
  3. H

    WA Open Colleges - Cancellation of Online Course?

    Hi, so I started a vet nursing course online, through open colleges. It's been just over a month and I have realised that it isn't for me. I have been paying weekly instalments of $87, this was to be continued for 24 months. In the policy, I did not read that I would have to pay the rest of...
  4. A

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Misleading Information in Contract with Open Colleges?

    Hi. I'm studying for a Health Services Assistant in Acute Care Certificate III through Open Colleges in Australia. It is an Australian online College. Currently, I'm at a loss on what to do and need some legal help. In the contract, it states that I am responsible for finding work placement...
  5. B

    VIC Open Colleges - Repercussions if I Stop Payments?

    Hi all, Just wondering what my options are with Open Colleges. I've recently lost my job and can no longer complete my certificate. Roughly $3000 left on it. I pay about $85 per week. What are the repercussions if I was to block payments through the bank?? Appreciate any help, Thanks.
  6. M

    NSW Open Colleges 7-day Cooling Off Period Acceptable?

    I enroled at Open Colleges for a course that has a total of 13 units to be completed over a maximum of two years. I was paying on a weekly basis. They sent me materials for two units. Later on, I decided to withdraw from the course but they asked me to pay the whole course fees referring to a...
  7. S

    VIC Open Colleges - Have I Been Scammed?

    I enquired to do a online Course with this training organisation, Open Colleges, and the salesman was very smooth and pushy to get me signed up. I was quoted an overall price of $4400 to do the course, which is 12 units in length. I mentioned that I had already completed 6 units of this course...
  8. N

    NSW Does Debt from Open Colleges Affect My Credit Rating?

    I have an outstanding debt of $1500 (original price was over 5k) from Open Colleges for a course I wanted to do, but never started. I lost my job and was unable to pay the remainder I have been getting letters and emails every 3/4 weeks for last 3 months saying that if I don't pay the full...