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  1. W

    NSW Setting Up an International Business for Betting and Gambling?

    An Australian resident wanting to set up an "offshore company" primarily to bet with (and maybe trade with), and trying to learn the tax implications / pitfalls. Trying to obtain reliable help without paying $1000-$2000 / an hour to a big firm. I am an Australian individual and resident, who is...
  2. J

    QLD Forex Trading Issue - Sue Under Australian Consumer Law?

    I am in need of help to proceed legally against 'plus 500' online forex trading company for the issues on their software product. Because of which I encountered financial loss while trading online . Issue: I was trading USD/JPY currency pair by using 'Plus 500' platform .The limit for...
  3. CDS

    NSW Ultimate Forex Trading Course - Is an 85% Cancellation Fee Legal?

    Hi there, I've been to a free seminar on 5 Feb and at the end of that session, I was offered this company's 2-days coaching/training at a special price. They said the Forex Trading course is normally $12,000, offered to me at $4,995, offer only available on that day. At that time I advised them...
  4. J

    Forex Trading - A Scam?

    Hi, I received a call from a female about three weeks ago asking if I was interested in earning extra income and only doing it on the computer at home for about an hour a night. I explained that I already had a job, but she insisted that it was a good opportunity for me to make some real money...