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    Personal Training refund entitlement

    Me and my partner signed up with a personal trainer for a 12 week program. From the beginning he told us he would refund the money once he had put us in his books and under his insurance. So we signed a contract, yes on top of that contract it does say no refunds. The cost of the program we did...
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    VIC Contract Law - 90 Days Notice Period after Expiration of Contract?

    I currently have a contract with a gym to work as a personal trainer that is due to expire. I have been told that even after the expiration of the contract, I still have to provide 90 days notice to discontinue paying rents to the gym. Is this correct given under Contract Law I would no longer...
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    WA Personal Trainer Withholding Full Refund?

    Hi, I would like some advice So what happened is that I entered a contract with my personal trainer for a six-week program. Turns out the price on the contract was incorrect and I was getting overcharged. At the end of the program, I was owed $305 worth of money. My trainer at the time was very...