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    WA Australian Institute of Fitness wont let me cancel without psying the full course

    I very recently started part time study at the institute. We are only 3 weeks in before I decided its not for me and would like to cancel. When asking about a cancellation they said I would have to pay the full course. I feel its a bit odd that there is no option to cancel the course before 30...
  2. B

    WA Getting a Refund from Australian Institute of Fitness?

    I signed up to do a master trainer course online in Perth. At the time of signing up, I asked if I needed anything else to complete the course and was told no. When I got to the first assessment, it turns out I needed specialist equipment and mock students, none of which was told to me when I...
  3. R

    WA Entitled to Full Refund from Australian Institute of Fitness?

    Hi, I signed up to study with the Australian Institute of Fitness in May. I was due to commence in August and they cancelled the intake, moving me into a September intake. Prior to this, I quit my job to study with them full time. Because of the change in commencement, financially I am not...
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    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Continuation of Studies With Already Paid Fees?

    Hi there, I've got myself into a pickle and I'm pretty sure there's no way out, but I might as well try. I enroled for the certificate 4 course at Australian Institute of Fitness over a year ago, but I signed up at the wrong time as I was living on a remote island and my laptop broke. I had...
  5. J

    VIC Cooling Off Period - Unable to Contact Australian institute of Fitness?

    I recently enroled in a course at the Australian institute of Fitness and paid a $500 deposit. Since that day, it has been 9 business days and they say they allow 10 business days as a cooling off period for you to cancel your contract and get a full refund. Yet I can't seem to contact them at...
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    NSW Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancellation of Contract

    I have enroled in a Certificate 4 Sports Massage and Diploma of Remedial Massage (VET FEE help) with the Australian Institute of Fitness in early February 2015. This is a package deal and the total cost is $14 980. I had made a $500 deposit on the day of signing the contract. I was due to start...
  7. S

    VIC Australian Institute of Fitness making me pay full course fees after I have cancelled

    Hi, I signed up with the Australian Institute of Fitness at the end of November 2014 and started my course of December 10th 2014. After about 5-6 weeks into my course I had to cancel it due to financial situations. I'm 22 and live out of home so I was unaware of the impact this course would...
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    VIC Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancelling Contract?

    I signed up to do a master training course online with the Australian Institute of Fitness. I paid a $500 deposit and was told that i would be automatically debited around $138every 2 weeks under my payment plan since I couldn't afford to pay in full upfront. I agreed, however was not verbally...
  9. T

    WA Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancellation Fee under Course Enrolment Contract?

    I enroled in a Master Trainer and Fitness Business course with the Australian Institute of Fitness on the 2nd of December 2015. I paid a deposit of $750 on the same date. The total cost of the course is $10 280 and it is due to start in June 2015. In February of this year I became aware of a...