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The Australian Institute of Fitness is a privately owned, registered training organisation, and the largest fitness training organisation in Australia. Beginning operations as the Health Studio Attendants course in Perth in 1979, the Institute became Australia's first national fitness training provider in 2000, with the merger of five state-based fitness training programs.

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    QLD Australian Institute of Fitness refund

    Now i haven't got an issue with them YET, i have only just applied for this, but i would love to know what my rights are ahead of time on this subject if anyone is kind enough to help. I started my online PT course through AIF in June, did one assessment, got part way through the next unit and...
  2. J

    WA Australian Institute of Fitness wont let me cancel without psying the full course

    I very recently started part time study at the institute. We are only 3 weeks in before I decided its not for me and would like to cancel. When asking about a cancellation they said I would have to pay the full course. I feel its a bit odd that there is no option to cancel the course before 30...
  3. B

    WA Getting a Refund from Australian Institute of Fitness?

    I signed up to do a master trainer course online in Perth. At the time of signing up, I asked if I needed anything else to complete the course and was told no. When I got to the first assessment, it turns out I needed specialist equipment and mock students, none of which was told to me when I...
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    WA Entitled to Full Refund from Australian Institute of Fitness?

    Hi, I signed up to study with the Australian Institute of Fitness in May. I was due to commence in August and they cancelled the intake, moving me into a September intake. Prior to this, I quit my job to study with them full time. Because of the change in commencement, financially I am not...
  5. M

    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Continuation of Studies With Already Paid Fees?

    Hi there, I've got myself into a pickle and I'm pretty sure there's no way out, but I might as well try. I enroled for the certificate 4 course at Australian Institute of Fitness over a year ago, but I signed up at the wrong time as I was living on a remote island and my laptop broke. I had...
  6. J

    VIC Cooling Off Period - Unable to Contact Australian institute of Fitness?

    I recently enroled in a course at the Australian institute of Fitness and paid a $500 deposit. Since that day, it has been 9 business days and they say they allow 10 business days as a cooling off period for you to cancel your contract and get a full refund. Yet I can't seem to contact them at...
  7. J

    NSW Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancellation of Contract

    I have enroled in a Certificate 4 Sports Massage and Diploma of Remedial Massage (VET FEE help) with the Australian Institute of Fitness in early February 2015. This is a package deal and the total cost is $14 980. I had made a $500 deposit on the day of signing the contract. I was due to start...
  8. S

    VIC Australian Institute of Fitness making me pay full course fees after I have cancelled

    Hi, I signed up with the Australian Institute of Fitness at the end of November 2014 and started my course of December 10th 2014. After about 5-6 weeks into my course I had to cancel it due to financial situations. I'm 22 and live out of home so I was unaware of the impact this course would...
  9. H

    VIC Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancelling Contract?

    I signed up to do a master training course online with the Australian Institute of Fitness. I paid a $500 deposit and was told that i would be automatically debited around $138every 2 weeks under my payment plan since I couldn't afford to pay in full upfront. I agreed, however was not verbally...
  10. T

    WA Australian Institute of Fitness - Cancellation Fee under Course Enrolment Contract?

    I enroled in a Master Trainer and Fitness Business course with the Australian Institute of Fitness on the 2nd of December 2015. I paid a deposit of $750 on the same date. The total cost of the course is $10 280 and it is due to start in June 2015. In February of this year I became aware of a...