NSW Receipt for money transfer

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16 August 2019
A group of which I am a member organised a few days away at a book festival. I wanted to attend, but was going overseas before the booking forms came out. I asked the organiser if I could book in advance and bank transfer the money to the group's account. She agreed and sent me the account details. Unbeknownst to me she emailed the wrong account number. While I was overseas I checked my bank account and saw that the money had been returned to my account. I contacted her by email and said I would sort it out when I got back to Australia in a few weeks time. On arrival in Oz I again unsuccessfully tried to transfer the money. In desperation, and so that I would not miss out on my booking, I went to the post office and paid cash for a money order and sent it to her by mail. She replied a week later that she had received my letter. In the meantime, I opened my mail that had been collected for me while I was overseas and noticed that the account number on the booking form was different to the account number I had been sent. I brought this to her attention and said that the returned bank transfers were the result of her giving me the wrong account number. I asked if she would send me a receipt for the money transfer. She replied that they don't send formal receipts and that the booking form is the receipt. I wrote back that since I didn't bank transfer the money I have no receipt on my bank statements so I want a receipt. She has not replied. Does she legally have to provide me with a receipt if I ask for one? The amount was for $535.


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27 May 2014

And a receipt must contain the:
  • supplier’s name and ABN or ACN
  • date
  • product or service description
  • price