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The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is an electronic register that allows security interests in personal property to be registered and searched in accordance with the New Zealand Personal Property Securities Act 1999 (the Act) and the Australian Personal Property Securities Act 2009.The New Zealand PPSR is maintained by the New Zealand Companies Office, an agency of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering the Australian PPS Register.

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  1. N

    VIC Need help - Car Purchase Deal is Cancelled by Seller and not runding deposit. Please read and advice

    Hi Everyone, My name is Nikhil, I need advice on below matter. I was searching a used car for my personal use on a well known car selling website. I liked one Honda City car, So contacted the seller (Private Seller) and He gave me a time for inspection, I went and inspected the car, We agreed...
  2. M

    VIC Private Seller Selling Car on Behalf of His Wife?

    Hello. I liked a car listed on internet by private seller who lives in Victoria. Went through inspection, got it checked by mechanic, checked registration on Vicroads website, did PPSR check, and all came clear. After agreeing on the price with the seller, I came to know that family is moving...
  3. R

    WA Rolled Back Odometer Car - What to Do?

    I purchased a car in July last year and found out a month later that the car odometer has been rolled back. It read 60,000 kms at the time of purchased however upon a PPSR report given by someone else the actual odometer would have been in excess of 160,000 kms. I went to contact the private...
  4. David Chang

    NSW What Paperwork Should Dealer Provide Under Australian Consumer Law?

    What paperwork should I be getting (or should I be asking, if not given) from the dealer under Australian Consumer Law? Contract of Sale? Form 5? PPSR certificate?
  5. S

    SA Encumbered Vehicle Taken by Police - Any Recourse?

    Before anyone tells me this was stupid, I know, but we have bought a vehicle that, unknown to us, is encumbered. Firs time ever that I haven't checked the PPSR register. No excuses. But it's done now. We have had a visit from a nice policeman telling us they need to seize our car. He firstly...
  6. B

    QLD Purchased Stolen Yamaha Motorcycle from Gumtree - Australian Consumer Law Rights?

    I bought a motorcycle off Gumtree for $900. It was a Yamaha wr450. It needed a fair bit of work. I did a ppsr check on it and it came back stating there was no security interest against it. I then spent $1300 fixing it to register it. When I went to the Department of Transport to register it...
  7. N

    NSW Back Out of Private Car Sale - Letter of Demand from Customer?

    I am in NSW and recently advertised my car for sale on car sales. I had many interstate people and nothing until last Sunday, I had a guy coming up from Sydney to view the car. I hadn't heard anything from him and was waiting. Now I'm not sure he would turn up. Whilst waiting, I received a...
  8. D

    VIC Vic Roads Refunded Rego to Previous Owner - Am I Liable to Pay?

    Hello Friends, So the scene is as below. I bought a second-hand car inclusive of free one-year rego (til Feb 2017) I did the PPSR check where it confirmed the rego of the car was valid till Feb 2017 The previous owner gave me an original certificate of rego which was in his name and it showed...
  9. M

    NSW Bought Used Car on Gumtree with Undisclosed Car Loan - Sue?

    Bought a used car ($10k) from a guy off gumtree. I asked him if it had car finance on it. Seller said it was paid off. Later it was found out money was still owing on it (around $4000). I failed to do a PPSR check. Do I have any legal ground to sue him if he is uncooperative in giving me a...
  10. D

    WA Starting a Business - Lender has Not Given Money for Lease?

    Hi, I was just wondering if there is anything you could do to help my bad situation. Meant to be starting up a new gym business franchise in Jindalee, WA. I have signed offer to lease. My friend(lender) is not giving me the money for the business which is loaned due to now owing the ATO a...