WA Property Law on Structural Wall Damage to Strata Unit?

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10 November 2016
Hi guys,

I own a strata unit within a 21 unit complex pre 1985 strata plan, being a built strata type strata title. There is a cracked structural wall through a full course of bricks which has cracked through the plaster and paint.

A builder has assessed the damage and advised it requires repairs. The Strata company has advised the builder and myself that the cost of the repairs will be covered by the strata fund, however I will have to pay for plastering and painting?

This doesn't seem correct to me. I would assume at a minimum the plastering would also be covered, if not the paint as well, as the damage and further damage to paintwork during repairs, will all be a result of the structural wall damage.

If you can please help and also note the relevant property law which cover this so I can send it to the strata company, that would be great.

Many thanks