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Strata title is a form of ownership devised for multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas. The word "strata" refers to apartments being on different levels.
Strata title was first introduced in 1961 in the state of New South Wales, Australia, to better cope with the legal ownership of apartment blocks. Previously, the only adequate method of dividing ownership was company title, which had a number of defects, such as the difficulty of instituting mortgages. This term also applies to house-type strata title units in Australia.
Other countries that have adopted the Australian system (or a similar variant) of apartment ownership include: Canada (Alberta, British Columbia), Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Other countries have legislation based on similar principles but with different definitions and using different mechanisms in their administration.
Strata Title Schemes are composed of individual lots and common property. Lots are either apartments, garages or storerooms and each is shown on the title as being owned by a Lot Owner. Common Property is defined as everything else on the parcel of land that is not comprised in a Lot, such as common stairwells, driveways, roofs, gardens and so on.

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    WA Survey Strata with no common walls

    I recently purchased a new home on a survey strata lot. I have the original homestead and it was subdivided with two extra units built at the back of the property. The two units share a common wall and access their property from a rear lane way (no shared drive way). There is a common pathway...
  2. G

    WA Strata title and unpaid levies and form 3 notice to Magistrates Court

    Hi, I jointly own a unit in Perth WA (bought off the plan) with many building faults which have not been rectified and directly affect our unit (water ingress, consequential damage to laminated flooring which had gone mouldy and mouldings that had rotted and snapped in the process - this has...
  3. N

    NSW Bullying Harassment Neighbours

    Hi, We are a two Lot Strata (I am Lot 2 and neighbours are Lot 1) and have been in a long-term dispute with Lot 1 since 2016 regarding my pet dog and other strata issues. Lot 1 has on numerous occasions complained to various bodies, council etc and have failed to prove that my dog is a nuisance...
  4. W

    WA Exclusive Use and Common Property - Termite Treatment Cost?

    Hi there, Property of 10 units (WA) which have exclusive use rights for their garden & carport areas. We have had a termite inspection of the properties & activity was detected in some exclusive use areas. Regarding the responsibilities of owners for these areas [ Strata Titles Act 1985 – WA...
  5. R

    VIC Owners Corporation - Owner of Two Units Changed Roofing Without Consultation?

    There are four single storey units on the one strata title. Very recently an owner of two of the units, without consultation or communication with the other two individual unit owners has replaced the existing tiled roofing with new different colour steel Colorbond roofing. The contrast is...
  6. R

    NSW Converting Townhouse Strata Title to Torrens Title?

    We are a small strata of 5 townhouses and looking to convert our strata title to torrens title. Is this possible?
  7. B

    WA Property Law on Structural Wall Damage to Strata Unit?

    Hi guys, I own a strata unit within a 21 unit complex pre 1985 strata plan, being a built strata type strata title. There is a cracked structural wall through a full course of bricks which has cracked through the plaster and paint. A builder has assessed the damage and advised it requires...
  8. S

    NSW Default Judgement Notices from Strata Sent to Wrong Address?

    Hi there, Last week my father received a text message from a law firm stating that if we want to prevent further legal action, please contact them. When we called them they told us that we owe Strata $7164, $3k in Strata levies and $4k in "Administrative Legal Debt Recoveries" to our surprise...
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    WA Is Body Corporate Responsible for Repair Costs?

    We are part of 10 units (single tier) which were formed in 1980, WA. There are no exclusive use stipulations or bylaws affecting the internal space of the units, so standard Strata Title regulation. One of the units has just had an assessment done to see where water damage is originating from &...
  10. J

    VIC Strata Title and Carports Issues - What to Do?

    OK, so we’ve got some long drawn out and ugly parking issues that are now getting worse. Sorry for the length of this post. Background is: I live in a block of 5 units, all are owner occupier. There is a strata title with a BC/OC. Each of the 5 units also owns an accessory unit being 1 car...