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In geology and related fields, a stratum (plural: strata) is a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers. The "stratum" is the fundamental unit in a stratigraphic column and forms the basis of the study of stratigraphy.

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    VIC Can my body corporate legally tow my car?

    Is it legal for my body corporate to tow cars on common property? We have a visitor's car park on common property in our strata and the OC have just installed signs that say "TOW AWAY ZONE: VISITOR PARKING ONLY, STRICTLY NO RESIDENTS ARE TO PARK IN VISITOR PARKING. MAXIMUM OF 72 HOURS PARKING...
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    NSW Endlessly needing to go to NCAT to get strata records - what order to deal with the problem?

    Hi I've been to NCAT 3 times to get orders to obtain strata records. The scenario is always the same. I ask to get specific records. These are refused for various reasons. I lodge with NCAT for section 188 and 232 orders. Following the first directions hearing the OC produces the records. New...
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    NSW How to prove at NCAT money hasn't been refunded to strata?

    Basically an owner did some renovations which needed a bylaw as it affected some common property. The owners corporation preferred to use its own contractor for the common property part of the work and the bylaw says the owner is to refund the owner corporation. No problem so far. The problem is...
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    NSW Insurance For Balcony Tiles and / or Pavers For Strata Apartment Complexes

    Recently a neighbour in my complex had a waterproofing issue that arose whereby storm/rain water somehow began leaking from his balcony / terrace into the apartment below. Strata engaged an engineer who advised the original balcony tiles had to be removed so waterproofing could be redone to stop...
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    Letters from debt collector on behalf of Insurance company

    My partner accidentally banged her car on our garage door while reversing the car. This happened early July. We are renting out the apartment. We informed the real estate agent, they organized the garage door replacement thru Strata. We were never asked to pay for the damage/ door...
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    NSW Surface Water Runoff penetrating our unit block - who is liable

    Hi All, I live in a block of units and am a member of the strata committee. The property next door is a single story property and is leased. The gap between our unit block and the neighbour's house is only 900mm. The neighbours side footpath abuts right up to our external brickwork as the gap...
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    WA Help: Strata Common Property clarification

    HI all, With the recent storms we've had in Perth our back fence has got some damage. We live in a strata complex of 6 units, and our back fence in also the boundary property of the entire complex. I got in touch with our strata company and I was told it's not their problem, owners have to sort...
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    NSW Strata Committee Code of Conduct

    How legal are strata committee codes of conduct? I'm asking because the management has included the following clause: Not publicly criticise other committee members or the processes of decision making or the decisions of the committee; That seems like it goes against freedom of speech rights...
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    NSW Reg Claiming the Compensation for the Personal property from Strata or Landlord

    Hi , We have been renting in an apartment for last 2 years 3 months , Last Month when Sydney is flooded with heavy rain fall , our apartment building Parking Basement is filled with water to an extent all the parked cars and our personal belongings in the Storage cage got submerged and...
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    WA Survey Strata with no common walls

    I recently purchased a new home on a survey strata lot. I have the original homestead and it was subdivided with two extra units built at the back of the property. The two units share a common wall and access their property from a rear lane way (no shared drive way). There is a common pathway...