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In geology and related fields, a stratum (plural: strata) is a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers. The "stratum" is the fundamental unit in a stratigraphic column and forms the basis of the study of stratigraphy.

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    NSW Strata Committee Code of Conduct

    How legal are strata committee codes of conduct? I'm asking because the management has included the following clause: Not publicly criticise other committee members or the processes of decision making or the decisions of the committee; That seems like it goes against freedom of speech rights...
  2. S

    NSW Reg Claiming the Compensation for the Personal property from Strata or Landlord

    Hi , We have been renting in an apartment for last 2 years 3 months , Last Month when Sydney is flooded with heavy rain fall , our apartment building Parking Basement is filled with water to an extent all the parked cars and our personal belongings in the Storage cage got submerged and...
  3. T

    WA Survey Strata with no common walls

    I recently purchased a new home on a survey strata lot. I have the original homestead and it was subdivided with two extra units built at the back of the property. The two units share a common wall and access their property from a rear lane way (no shared drive way). There is a common pathway...
  4. G

    WA Strata title and unpaid levies and form 3 notice to Magistrates Court

    Hi, I jointly own a unit in Perth WA (bought off the plan) with many building faults which have not been rectified and directly affect our unit (water ingress, consequential damage to laminated flooring which had gone mouldy and mouldings that had rotted and snapped in the process - this has...
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    WA Developers Agreement of strata titled property

    I signed an agrement with a developer to develop the strata titled lot I own. This was signed approx 6 months ago. The developer has not supplied me with a signed / executed copy of the agrrement. I have just received an updated, changed version of the agreement to sign. I am mot happy with the...
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    NSW Defects - Property Developer

    Hi, Hi, I live in a strata complex and we are currently going through the defect process. Our building was a joint venture between two established property development companies. The company they formed to build our complex was conveniently de-registered after completion of our building, but...
  7. S

    VIC Strata took my car, it got destroyed by fire, cost me my job now. Help

    Long ridiculously dodgy story short. I recently moved to Melbourne for a big job, I was visiting a new friend at a strata run apartment building, parked in one of the many empty designated visitor car spaces in the access controlled basement carpark. Several hours later I said my goodbyes and...
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    QLD strata accom module property rights

    i live in a gated (secure) property rights complex with a manager of about 180 houses there is a strata manager appointed my question is a property owner or real estate agent can rent the properties without notifying the onsite property rights manager so when tenants do the wrong thing they are...
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    Lot owner cloth wiring has failing and seeking strata to cover costs

    hello, I currently have a lot owner in my complex who hasn't rewired her lot. We understand she still has cloth wiring. Her wiring has now failed and she has lost partial power to her unit. She is claiming strata are responsible to rewire her apartment and she is only to cover 35% of the costs...
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    NSW Can NCAT subpoena personal emails?

    we are in a dragged out dispute with a neighbour and he has told us he is going to have NCAT subpoena owners’ personal emails. Can NCAT subpoena owners’ emails and force owners to provide them to NCAT as evidence??