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    WA Help: Strata Common Property clarification

    HI all, With the recent storms we've had in Perth our back fence has got some damage. We live in a strata complex of 6 units, and our back fence in also the boundary property of the entire complex. I got in touch with our strata company and I was told it's not their problem, owners have to sort...
  2. S

    WA Unregistered car on common property

    Hello, I’m on a survey-strata property with a shared driveway. Awful, selfish neighbours (park wherever they want - have 4 cars out front & another dead one out back) not going In depth into their antics over the last 13 years. I’m trying to sell, again, & they have an unregistered car parked up...
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    VIC Numerous signatures, not mine

    Hello, I have had my signature forged on numerous occasions, on numerous documents which are Vendor Statements and Sales Authorities. I signed one Sales Authority and I did not sign any Vendor Statements. I have previously requested the Sales Authority form as I was not provided with this when I...
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    WA Exclusive Use and Common Property - Termite Treatment Cost?

    Hi there, Property of 10 units (WA) which have exclusive use rights for their garden & carport areas. We have had a termite inspection of the properties & activity was detected in some exclusive use areas. Regarding the responsibilities of owners for these areas [ Strata Titles Act 1985 – WA...
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    WA Help with Easement and Property Law Queries

    Hi all Check this situation out! The developer has absolutely stitched these property owners up with a pretty unworkable deed of easement. Summary: 1. Green lot owners (benefited landowners) are required by a deed to pay 40% of the management and maintenance of easement areas to a strata...
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    NSW Strata EC asking to close the backyard fence gate

    I purchased the townhouse two and half years ago and haven't made any structural changes to the property so far. Now I decided to do concrete flooring in the backyard and remove all the dirt, my first thought was to ask the EC (Executive Committee). Upon asking he started like there should not...
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    NSW Property Law - Giving Owners Access to Locked Bollard?

    A locked bollard was installed on a BA approved car wash. The residents don't have the key - someone on the committee does, but it means that this is common property and the owners don't have access to it. It was voted at a meeting to install the bollard. Is this legal and what can be done to...
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    VIC Parking on Common Property DIsagreement - Council Involvement Allowed?

    I own a unit in a set of 4 units, and parking on common property right next to ones garage has been going on for many years without any complaints. All units have tenants in them except for the owner of one unit which was purchased 2 years ago and is owner/occupier. As there is no official OC...
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    VIC Owners Corp- parking and model rules

    We live in an 11 Townhouse complex. Our townhouse (unit 5 )and a neighbour (unit 6) are located at the end of the common roadway , at a T- intersection end of that roadway. As such, we do not have driveways...although ALL the other townhouses , which face onto the roadway DO have a driveway...
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    WA Right of carriageway Levels and Responsibilities

    I own a strata lot in which a few of us are currently building on. On both my own and my neighbors lot we have garages which will essentially be side by side but separate structures and abutting a retaining wall (170mm difference in height between property currently). On my land I have common...