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Common ownership refers to holding the assets of an organization, enterprise or community indivisibly rather than in the names of the individual members or groups of members as common property.
Forms of common ownership exist in every economic system. Common ownership of the means of production is a central goal of communist political movements as it is seen as a necessary democratic mechanism for the creation and continued function of a communist society. Advocates make a distinction between collective ownership and common property as the former refers to property owned jointly by agreement of a set of colleagues, such as producer cooperatives, whereas the latter refers to assets that are completely open for access, such as a public park freely available to everyone.

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  1. J

    NSW Damage to common property by tradesperson

    An Owner from my SP engaged with a tradesperson to work on her individual property. The tradesperson caused significant damage to a common property door, ending with it having to be totally replaced, it was beyond repair. The tradesperson refused to accept responsibilty & fled. The owner...
  2. rferret57

    QLD Standard Format plan verses common property issues

    Our townhouse is governed by a Standard Format Plan. The retainer walls around the whole complex requires replacement as part of common property. Our townhouse has suffered ground subsidence issues causing foundation issues with our townhouse due to the retainer wall's deterioration. Where...
  3. S

    VIC 2 lot subdivision with common land - who pays for pipe upkeep?

    Hello, just wondering about pipes serving either one lot or both lots but not owners corporation. are the pipes serving one lot the responsibility of that lot and the shared pipes, a shared responsibility?
  4. S

    VIC Licence over common property

    Hi there, I live in a block of 15 units in Richmond. There are 5 units on the ground floor which are all owned by a single person and rented out. This person previously owned the whole block and is now progressively selling the units off. The owner of the block was the sole manager of the...
  5. M

    WA Help: Strata Common Property clarification

    HI all, With the recent storms we've had in Perth our back fence has got some damage. We live in a strata complex of 6 units, and our back fence in also the boundary property of the entire complex. I got in touch with our strata company and I was told it's not their problem, owners have to sort...
  6. S

    WA Unregistered car on common property

    Hello, I’m on a survey-strata property with a shared driveway. Awful, selfish neighbours (park wherever they want - have 4 cars out front & another dead one out back) not going In depth into their antics over the last 13 years. I’m trying to sell, again, & they have an unregistered car parked up...
  7. A

    VIC Numerous signatures, not mine

    Hello, I have had my signature forged on numerous occasions, on numerous documents which are Vendor Statements and Sales Authorities. I signed one Sales Authority and I did not sign any Vendor Statements. I have previously requested the Sales Authority form as I was not provided with this when I...
  8. W

    WA Exclusive Use and Common Property - Termite Treatment Cost?

    Hi there, Property of 10 units (WA) which have exclusive use rights for their garden & carport areas. We have had a termite inspection of the properties & activity was detected in some exclusive use areas. Regarding the responsibilities of owners for these areas [ Strata Titles Act 1985 – WA...
  9. L

    WA Help with Easement and Property Law Queries

    Hi all Check this situation out! The developer has absolutely stitched these property owners up with a pretty unworkable deed of easement. Summary: 1. Green lot owners (benefited landowners) are required by a deed to pay 40% of the management and maintenance of easement areas to a strata...
  10. S

    NSW Strata EC asking to close the backyard fence gate

    I purchased the townhouse two and half years ago and haven't made any structural changes to the property so far. Now I decided to do concrete flooring in the backyard and remove all the dirt, my first thought was to ask the EC (Executive Committee). Upon asking he started like there should not...