WA Property Dispute - Violence Restraining Order - Where Do I Stand?

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27 July 2014
I currently have an interim VRO (Violence Restraining Order) against my ex partner. He had arranged with the local police to attend my property to pick up some personal items, I obliged with the request and had everything ready for him to pick up. I was advised by police that he decided not to go through with arranged pick up, but is taking me to civil court instead.

I had advised the police that all his items where In the garage except for a tv. I can only assume they told him this hence his decision to take it to court. I realize its only a tv but it was bought for "us" whilst in a relationship. he did actualy promise to replace it, but he renigged on the offer. VRO was granted due to physical assault. What I want to know is do I have a leg to stand on..? or am I fighting a losing battle?



Well-Known Member
10 July 2014
Hey @Pauline

This situation is unpredictable. I believe you do have reasonable grounds as he prepared to come and collect his possessions, which you agreed on and began to prepare diligently. You didn't specify why he was taking you to the Civil Court although I presume it was over his items. I strongly suggest you solicit a lawyer. I believe a strong aspect of your argument is that you agreed on his visit.