VIC Plumber charging me twice for the same job

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15 January 2021
I received a $2,800 invoice from a plumber, soon after they started they told me that much more additional work was needed and I was quickly supplied with another invoice with the same job number that had very similar wording to the original one for $7,500.

The first job was technically not completed as the second encompassed all the same wording and work of the first but with additional wording for more work added on to it.

Is this double dipping? can they make me pay for what is the same job twice?

I also started reading through the entire contract and find this line "I hereby acknowledge commencement and satisfactory completion of the work described above and that the premises has been left in a satisfactory condition" Is this agreeing to the state of future events?


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7 October 2020
Same job number and expanded work which includes the ‘first round’ - that indicates a replacement invoice and not a double dip. If you’ve already paid some of the first invoice you should be expecting this to be shown.

Given the wording, don’t pay until they’ve done the work and you’re satisfied. At the moment it’s only a claim (albeit about a future even, for sake of ease). Your payment of the invoice is agreeing to the proposition, which it wouldn’t make sense to do until you can agree with the proposition.


11 June 2021
When the plumbers worked for me in the house, I immediately discussed all the points that were spelled out in the contract about the performance of the work. Therefore, I subsequently had no problems with them because I had discussed everything with them before. My work also consisted of two stages. For the first part of the work, I paid one amount, for the second a little more, because, in the second part of the work, I needed more time and knowledge in plumbing. So if all this is written in the contract and you haven't noticed, it's just your problems, friend. Although the prices you pay are huge for the work, there is no doubt.
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