Overseas credit card debt

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28 July 2020

I need advise regarding my credit card debt concern. I am a Vietnamese and I worked in Indonesia for 3.5 years. While based in Jakarta, I had a bank account and a credit card. I paid it on time always. However, due to personal reasons, I left the country and missed out on paying my credit card balance. I also totally forgot about it as I had a lot on my plate after I left and returned to Vietnam. Then, I moved here in Australia as a permanent resident in 2018.

Last month, a debt collection agency and the bank contacted me via phone call and e-mail regarding that credit card debt. The balance that I left is around 3k AUD. Right now, the amount is 8k AUD. They are threatening to sue me though I have not confirmed with them that I owe them. The credit card debt is already more than 4 years old as of this moment. Just wanted to ask if they can sue me here in Australia or if they can sue me in my country of origin, Vietnam. I am concerned because I still have assets/properties in Vietnam. The bank of the credit card is an international bank and they have branches in Vietnam as well. Would that mean that they can sue or demand for debt collection in Vietnam even though the credit card is from Indonesia? Just wanted to get advise so I can plan my next action regarding this issue.

Any advise would be really helpful. Thank you so much.