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VIC Off-Duty PSO Lying and Giving False Information to Police?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by kimbapuppy, 6 April 2016.

  1. kimbapuppy

    kimbapuppy Well-Known Member

    17 January 2016
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    Technically, the PSO or Protective Services Officer is part of the police force.

    I have evidence through subpoena of the Triple 0 call logs that an off duty PSO lied to the Operator when requesting for police assistance. The PSO called the Operator regarding a private matter to request for police assistance, however, he volunteered to introduce himself as a "member" and gave his badge number when the Operator asked for his name.

    Later on in the conversation, the Operator asked for his badge number and upon looking up she asked whether he was a member and the PSO mumbled he is a PSO. Later the same day, the PSO called for the Operator for police assistance again regarding the same incident and again volunteered the information that he is a "member".

    In those two conversations and his conversation to the police, he provided misleading and false information.

    My understanding of the term "member" is in reference to a police officer and not a PSO.

    I went to the police station to find out the law with regards to someone who is technically employed in the same organisation as the police lying to the police and the member in attendance got defensive and abusive towards me and did not answer my question.

    What is the legislation and penalty for this PSO to provide false information to the police?
  2. Ponala

    Ponala Well-Known Member

    10 February 2015
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  3. Gorodetsky

    Gorodetsky Well-Known Member

    21 February 2016
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    Hi Kimbapuppy,

    I suspect that since you already know that the PSO is part of vicpol that there is something else troubling you about the matter.

    If the "I'm a member" was given without appropriate context, it was intentionally misleading. The context being "I'm a PSO member".

    Several things trouble me about it.

    The PSO gave misleading statements. Were they seeking preferential treatment because of membership? (Private matter, seeking assistance?) The officer at the police station you went to for abusive.

    I'd suggest those 3 things breach their code of conduct/oath/etc.

    I suggest you make a complaint, but I guess since you are subpoenaing them something more serious is going on.

    It reminds me of the old gag, "I never take bribes, but I'm happy to help you for a donation." Same sort of misleading.


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