arrest warrant

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An arrest warrant is a warrant issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the state, which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual, or the search and seizure of an individual's property.

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  1. Dannygeee

    NSW Outstanding warrants

    Hello. I’ve been living in nsw for about 5 years now and my brother who lives in qld has informed me I have warrants in qld. Basically I was wondering how to deal with this without taking time off from my job. I was also thinking of travelling overseas and although I have a passport I was...
  2. B

    NSW Arrest Warrant

    How can I find out if a NSW arrest warrant is still current!
  3. M

    NSW My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW can he travel overseas?

    My friend has a arrest warrant in NSW for not completing community correction order. Currently residing in VIC He is not a Australian permanent resident. Now he want to permanently fly overseas to his home country. Has a warrant about 5 years old. Will there be any issue at airport immigration...
  4. A

    WA Civil Judgements Enforcement - Arrest Warrant

    I have just received in the mail 14th Apr 2021, 2 documents, both Civil Judgements Enforcement orders. The first stating : 1) No appearance of Judgement Debtor ( myself ) 2) Warrant of arrest to issue upon lodgement of application against ( myself ) Dated 25th March 2021. 2nd document: 1)...
  5. J

    NSW Is this a scam or real?

    I received a call from a random Australian number and declined it, they left a message. This message was an automated voice saying they had my name down at the home of federal affairs and was launching an investigation into me, as my name had been down under illegal activity and had a warrant...
  6. J

    NSW Arrest Warrant for Civil Small Claims Court - Classed as Criminal?

    Hi, If you miss a summons to appear in a small claims civil court case at the local courts and they issue an arrest warrant out for you so they can arrest you and take you to appear in front of the magistrate, is it classed as a ‘criminal’ in your criminal history check?
  7. G

    QLD Finding Out the Reason for an Arrest Warrant?

    I had been issued with paperwork for a notice to attend Brisbane magistrates court for being in possession of a controlled drug without a prescription. I had a clearly typed in bold date for Wed 25th July 2018. When I got to court I was not on the list and after speaking to the registrar, I was...
  8. S

    VIC Police - Retracting Domestic Violence Statement?

    Hi, 3 years ago, my marriage was very strained & after a number of days of feeling hopeless about the future of it & very distressed, I went to my gp to ask about support, expecting a referral for counselling or something similar. I was advised by the doctor to go to the police & make a...
  9. F

    QLD Skipping Bail - Will I Get an Arrest Warrant?

    If I'm on bail and I skip it, will there just be an arrest warrant or will they go looking for me?
  10. C

    VIC Do I Need to Attend Magistrates Court for a Hearing?

    I have received an application to attach earnings hearing letter. Do I need to attend the hearing? I have already attended a hearing to declare my earnings but have since become unemployed due to illness and will be soon receiving Centrelink benefits. Magistrates court website says I don't...