QLD not sending child to school

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17 December 2015
My ex has custody of one of my two children and has up and left the state because of a child services case that was opened up on her. She is not not sending my child to school and im not sure where to start to get the ball rolling.
My child had missed 47 days in term one in qld before she left, her attendance was 57.7% in term 2 at the new school in nsw resulting in a police visit i got blamed for when i didnt even have an address to send presents letalone cops. and since then she has changed school again and has only attended 10 whole days in term 3. My child is missing out on her start in life and i have no idea where to start to try and get it all sorted as her mother lies and tells me she is attending school every day.
i assume her payments have been cut as she is chasing me for more and more child support but it is clearly not going towards school fees or school essentials but the mother always has new makeup, teeth done, hair done and whatnot.