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Which? is a United Kingdom brand name that promotes informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice. The brand name is used by the Consumers' Association, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee that owns several businesses, including Which? Financial Services Limited (Which? Mortgage Advisers), Which? Legal Limited and Which? Limited, which publishes the Which? Papers.
The vast majority of the association's income comes from the profit it makes on its trading businesses, for instance subscriptions to Which? magazine, which are donated to the campaigning part of the organisation to fund advocacy activity and inform the public about consumer issues. Which? magazine maintains its independence by not accepting advertising, and the organisation receives no government funding. The Consumers' Association is the largest consumer organisation in the UK, with over 573,000 subscribers to its magazine.Until 2006, the association used prize draws similar to those of Reader's Digest to attract subscribers, but following criticism they were discontinued. The Association now attracts subscribers to its publications with free mini-guides and trial offers.

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  1. sarah2021

    how sheriff ascertain which the property belong to debtor if living with families

    Hi If the judgment debtor live with his families or friends, how sheriff know which property belong to the debtor for writ of levy? It may not make sense the sheriff will take any property in the house and then request the true owner to claim he is the owner by providing receipt. What if the...
  2. J_R_Kelly

    Person A make work A. Person B make work B,a work which infringes on copyright of person A. Person C use product B. Did person C do something illegal

    Which did the illegal thing, the person who make's something illegal, the person who consumed it or both? What determines who get legal action against them?
  3. A

    VIC Is a tennis court fence a dividing fence ?

    Our neighbour is subdividing his backyard which includes a tennis court. The tennis court fence was setback approximately 500mm from a retaining wall. At the ends of the tennis court there was timber fencing between the retaining wall and the tennis court fence so that we effectively had a 500mm...
  4. Gibson83

    QLD Im confused with this part which ive pasted.being as of the end of school term i pick my child up or is it the friday i pick my child.up? Please help

    For the purpose of Order 11(b)(i) & (ii) the school holidays are taken to commence at 3.00pm on the last day of the school term and conclude at 9.00am on the first day of the new school year commencing. Changeover shall occur at 3.00pm each Friday until the conclusion of the school holiday...
  5. sehongkim

    Explain two ways in which international treaties are incorporated into Australian Law.

    please teach me
  6. C

    NSW Fine for Uninsured Car which was paid but Car was Unregistered when booked

    Hi, I was pulled over for driving unregistered car in Dec as I had completely forgotten to renew it even though I had already renewed CTP and also got the Comprehensive but still genuinely forgot to renew the rego for which I got 2 fines, one for driving unregistered vehicle and another for the...
  7. RK7

    SA Can I make and sell a product under my ABN?

    So, I am planning to develop a mechanical product and sell it as a wholesaler and retail with its own unique name say ABC hardware. So, can I design a product and sell it with its unique name under my ABN which is registered under my name?
  8. S

    WA Muslim Divorce in India

    Hi my name is Paehzaan I am a Muslim Indian, I had Muslim marriage in India. Five years ago my wife gave me "KULLA" which is part of Muslim divorce. In the KULLA she has given the custody of kids to me. From last 3 years I am leaving in Australia alone my kids are studying in India with a...
  9. M

    NSW Fathers name on birth papers Mother withheld putting Father on Birth Certificate and contact advice

    Hi everyone I had a look before I became a member and I found it the people giving advice did have the child's best interest So I'm looking forward to hearing responses and consider them seriously. I'm a father of a 3 year old girl who I feel is the only reason why I'm still alive and feel...
  10. V

    NSW 6A Periods expressed in months

    6A Periods expressed in months For the purposes of this Act, a period expressed in months and dating from an event ends: (a) on the day, in the relevant subsequent month, which has the same number as the day of the event; or (b)...