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A Spouse is a significant other in a marriage, civil union, or common-law marriage. The term is gender neutral, whereas a male spouse is a husband and a female spouse is a wife. Although a spouse is a form of significant other, the latter term also includes non-marital partners who play a social role similar to that of a spouse, but do not have rights and duties reserved by law to a spouse.

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  1. C

    QLD Add spouse to title

    Hi All, My wife and i are both on the mortgage for our house but she is not on the title of the property. How do we add her to the title of the property? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
  2. JJ2022

    Ex spouse refusing to assist in expenses

    We submitted a joint application for divorce in December. The court date is 5 April. There is a DVO on my ex. He is exempt from child support because he refuses to pay, hides income and assets and uses financial control to manipulate me and the kids. If centrlink try to collect, there is not...
  3. Gopalchand

    VIC Status of my spouse after divorce on 485 Visa

    Hello All, I got married to my current wife in Nepal in 2015. We arrived to Australia on October 23, 2019 together. However, we never lived together. We have been living separately after landing here. She lives in Sydney and I live in Melbourne. I am on student visa (500) and she is on a...
  4. I

    NSW Spouse maintenance

    I am financially separating from my husband. He has full time job and I have been full time mum and house wife for last 6 years (previously working for 6 years full on time). We have two kids 13&14 years old. My husband cut me off finance without any warning and now we are divorcing. He expects...
  5. J

    Spouse maintenance payments

    G'day Guys just a quick one: With regards to spouse maintenance/ separation of assets does it matter who filed for the divorce? In other words can I demand for a divorce AND claim assets or payment (or both) from the partner at the same time? Sounded a bit unfair and ridiculous though if that...
  6. T

    One Owner. Legal Agreement Between Partners?

    I own a house in my name (I live in it). My partner (not de-facto yet or married) is paying 50% of the mortgage and now they want to have their name added to the Title. The Transfer Duty is almost $30K. I'd rather not pay this, again! Is there any way we can have a lawyer write out an agreement...