WA Missing first court date due to oversea (procedural hearing)

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Mark Tee Kay

Well-Known Member
1 January 2019
So 5 months ago my lawyer was given very strict instructions to file family court paper work so my court dates would fall outside of the 3 weeks I am overseas in February.

I am taking my ex to court for financial separation and we have finally filed Form 1 Form 13 affidavit and followed all the process of trying to negotiate with her (unsuccessfully) which the court requires.

My lawyer gave me the impression it's no big deal if I miss court and at the last minute said "it's better if I am there".

But upon some research it looks like it may be important to be there, so I am thinking take a cheap flight and fly back.

This will be the first court appearance in regards to this matter.

What do you guys advise?