VIC Informing Immigration of changes to application

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    13 May 2019
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    Hi, 1st post here and looking for some help. I am currently on a 820 visa, and a few months ago recently completed the 801 application with all supporting documents.

    Stupidly, I have got myself in a situation where I am waiting for Police to formally charge me for something. The Officer at the station was confident I would receive a Diversion Plan as it was my 1st offence (Criminal Damage). At this stage I have not been formally charged but told I will have to go to court at some stage.

    My question, is when do I notify Immigration of this? I am under the impression it would be better to wait on the formal charge before doing anything. I am not trying to hide anything from Immigration, but I'm struggling to find the answer.
    If anyone can help, your help is greatly appreciated.
    Any information on the effect a Diversion can have on a Permanent Residency application would be appreciated too. Thanks

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