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  1. J

    SA Using IELTS Exams Taken in 2 Sittings as Evidence?

    Hi, I completed my Certificate in Migration Law and Practice last year. I am required by the registering authority MARA to submit an IELTS exam with a score of 7 with no band score of below 6.5. I asked MARA, if I could use the result of my IELTS that I took in 2 sitting, meaning using the...
  2. K

    QLD Immigration Law - 457 Visa and Visa Application Status?

    I am from India and my Employer from Australia has lodged 457 visa for me on 05th Dec. 2015, through a MARA Agent. Till now I haven't received any update on it. When I inquired with my Employer on the status the visa application, today I received a response stating it is still unassigned / not...
  3. Tasha W

    Agent Suspended by MARA - Get a Refund?

    I received MARA's decision last year that my former immigration agent is suspended for 5 years from getting a licence and the decision stated that I can get a refund from the payments I made to him. I was instructed by MARA to file a minor civil dispute to WA Tribunal to get a refund from the...
  4. W

    SA How to Claim Compensation from Migration Agent?

    Hi, Recently my complaint on my previous migration agent has gotten a result. MARA, after 6 months of investigation, decided that the immigration agent breached the Clause 2.1 of Code of Conduct for Immigration Agents, but no further action has been taken. Then I emailed the previous agent to...