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NSW Arrested but Charges were Dropped - Would This Hinder Visa Application?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by PaNa, 24 November 2015.

  1. PaNa

    PaNa Member

    24 November 2015
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    Hi, just a very quick question. If you were arrested and charged, but then the charges were dismissed, would this prevent you from obtaining an L-1 visa under Immigration Law?

    I was wrongfully arrested and charged when I was 19. The charges were dropped due to lack of evidence, however, as per the instructions I have declared this arrest in my Visa application. I am anxious that this does not hinder my ability to move to the USA as part of my Career path.
  2. Therese

    Therese Well-Known Member

    11 October 2015
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    Hi PaNa,

    it is my understanding that charges that are dropped do not appear on your criminal record and should not affect your options.

    However, if you were asked to demonstrate this information in the application they may be trying to establish the criteria of good behaviour.

    As you were not convicted this would be in your favour, however to be certain I would contact an immigration expert. See Get Connected with the Right Lawyer for You
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