How to do will with property in NSW and one in China

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Pei Nim Lam

11 February 2018
I hope someone can help me, I have read posts in "Wills and Estate Planning Law Forum" but not much about having property in China.

  1. I want to find out if I need two wills, one in Australia and one in China due to properties in both countries?

  2. What is the benefit of having 2 wills? Will it stop residents in Australia to contest the will in China and vice versa?

  3. The property in China goes to my sister who lives in USA, I don't want anyone in Australia to contest this will as it's a family property. Whereas the property in Australia can go to my partner etc.

  4. I heard about International Will, should I go for an International Will or will that complicates matter? I hope one will solves my problem but I need advise especially when someone contest my will regarding the China property.
Any advice is much appreciated and I live in New South Wales, property in Australia is also in NSW to avoid complication between states I believe.