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WA False Domestic Violence Claim - Will Wife be Granted Permanent Residency?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by imran, 31 October 2015.

  1. imran

    imran Member

    31 October 2015
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    I am an Australian permanent resident and married my wife after getting my residency. I'm from Asia and as does my wife. We got married in our home country and then she joined me in Australia. I lived with her in Australia for 2 years, and we had a daughter after a year of our relationship, and the year after that, she had a miscarriage.

    After the incident, I lost my job due to the company's bad economic conditions and we all left to our home country where I am working now. My wife left me here and put a condition to live with me and to go back to Australia so she can get her Australian citizenship, but I don’t want to move now because I have a job here and don’t want to live on benefits in Australia.

    My wife was with me in Australia on a work visa, because initially we had to live together to show our commitment for each other. But honestly, I don’t want to get her an Australian citizenship because she would leave me after that and she has said this to me once. When we got married, we didn’t put any condition that I would help her get her citizenship.

    Now in my home country, we are separated and I had filed a case for child custody, and in response she put a domestic violence case on me, in which she mentioned that the miscarriage happened because I beat her when she was pregnant, and she mentioned that she requested the doctors in Australia not to mention this in the medical reports, else I would go to jail. This is all a fake story, I didn’t beat her and there is no report of violence in the miscarriage medical report.

    Now she is planning to go to Australia on basis of domestic violence residency.

    My question is, will it be easy for her to get a permanent residency? And what steps I shall take? I have not informed the Australian authority about all this so far, but I came to know that she is continuously in touch with them and soon she will be departing for Australia.

    All I want is to be united with my daughter, whom I haven’t seen from 3 years and I am literally dying inside without my daughter.
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Hi imran,

    Its difficult to say whether she will be granted permanent residency or not without knowing many other facts and details about her application. Is there any law in your home country which would prevent your wife from relocating with you daughter?

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