WA Ex-wife Accused Me of Sexually Interfering with My Children - Help?

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26 November 2016
I was due to collect my kids at 5 pm on Friday for their weekend visit.

At around midday, I received an email from her saying I'm not to pick up the kids and contact child services. She also stopped me from seeing them during avisit before with no reason why. I contacted legal people and said this is the first time she has done this.

They told me there was nothing I could do but if she does it again without any reason, I could take her to family court and force her to have the orders enforced. I called child services to be told nothing and called the child abuse unit, I then had a call back from a detective who also told me next to nothing.

I explained to him that the accusation is false and when would he or someone be speaking to the kids to find out the truth? The kids are 7 (daughter) and 8 (son) ( I also have 15 and 17-year-old daughters with her too but unfortunately I have been alienated from them by their mother and her parents.)

He still didn't tell me anything.

April before last, when I picked up my younger ones, their mother had belted the then 5-year-old daughter quite badly. I took the kids to the children's hospital and had them assessed by the doctor. The kids told the doctor that their mum belts them all the time and that their grandparents torture them and tell them not to come and visit me. Unfortunately, it worked on my older ones and it's now been 2 years since I have seen them or even spoken to them on the phone.

On a Monday morning, I had a need to drop-off a new sim card at the kids' school, just thinking I could drop it off at reception but no I had to take it to student services about a 400 m walk through the very large school.

The woman there told me my son was not at school today as his mother had emailed saying he was sick. Now my son has his own phone that he texts me on and deletes the messages he sends me because he's still quite frightened of his mother.

As I was walking back to the car park to go to the recess bell went and I wasn't aware but the young ones are near to where the park is. My little one spotted me on my walk back as there was no other way to go anyway.

She came running up and gave me the biggest hug and then asked me why I didn't pick them up on Friday. I just let her know that I love her she should ask her brother. A teacher asked me who I was so I told her who I was.

Now when I got to my car, I text my boy and asked if he was all right. He said he couldn't sleep and had been vomiting all day.

Getting back to not picking them up on Friday my son text me at 11.46 at night and asked why I didn't pick him and his sister up that day, so I text him back and asked him what his mother had said to him why I wasn't there and he said she just didn't say anything when he asked her.

So I text him back and told him that his mum had accused me of sexually interfering with the kids. Now my boy is a very polite young man. He will be 13 in February.

The response I received back from him as I can't f'n believe that she's such a f'n lying b***h and then about 10 of the poo emojis. Then he asked me if I was ok and sent me through a few be strong motivational videos and told me he loved me very much.

About 40 mins after I had left the school, I receive a call from the investigating detective threatening me with restraining order and jail and he will arrest me. Now I'm normally a nice, calm guy, however, I gave this guy both barrels. I asked when he will be speaking with the kids and when can we catch up for a chat about all this?

To find out the truth to be told by him that we were nowhere near there yet, that just made things with me worse. He kept trying to talk over me and just would not listen. So he hung up. When I had a chance, I called him back the same kind of outcome. So I called back again and asked for his supervisor or boss or whoever, the same outcome even that guy hung up on me.

So I called back again, then, again and again, to be told we will contact you. Sorry not good enough for this little black duck. I have been in sale for the last 30 years, so I called again, by now really pissed off but I thought to myself I will make damn sure that if they are not going to see my kids, they damn will see me. So good old sales training kicked in and I now have a time for 2 pm Wednesday and I'm still really pissed off and they will cop it again then.

Any help with this - it took 3 months for her and her parents to be investigated, I don't want my kids to have to suffer through this.

There is a VRO in place but the kids are not on it.

Also, the ex has over the last 3 years had me arrested with 13 false breaches of the VRO, she used the VRO to remove me from the home after she had emptied all the bank accounts.



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27 May 2014
You should be talking to a lawyer asap.

Potential charges are serious.

Plus explore the possibility of defamation if she has told anyone apart from authorities (police and DHHS).