QLD Eviction Notice and on Financial Hardship - What are My Rights?

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Dwayne Harry

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13 November 2015
Until recently, I was residing in Supported Accommodation due to a long term illness.

As I have had many legal battles happening behind the scenes, I have recently experienced some financial hardship which caused me to fall behind in my rent by 2 weeks. I provided prior notice that I forecasted some financial difficulty on a once off short term basis and would ensure that my rent was paid in full in the coming days. I currently receive a disability pension.

I had been a resident for 14 months without any prior concerns, either financially, health and safety or behavioural. Staff had always approached myself for assistance in many areas of which I was always obliging.

I have cleaned and painted the kitchen, dining room and a number of bedrooms. I have undertaken and completed many maintenance tasks within the facility and have neither asked for or received any financial reward.

Upon falling behind in my rent, I was treated appallingly and threatened that my personal belongings would be thrown out on the street and that I would be evicted. This caused myself much anxiety and stress as I have no money and nowhere to go.

As I was extremely concerned, Iodged a complaint with the Department of Disability Services and requested confirmation as to my rights as a tenant. The department contacted the Manager of the facility with regards to my enquiries and as a consequence I was given 4 hours notice to pack up my belongings and leave the premises.

I have ended up sleeping in parks, not eating or being able to bath. I have no medication that I took on a daily basis. I am currently homeless and have absolutely no money. I am also very, very scared.

Can somebody please tell me if I have committed some sort of crime to be treated in this manner? Don't I have any legal rights?

What sort of precedent is this setting. If you have a disability, just shut up and put up!

Obviously the value of a persons health and safety has severely diminished.


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27 May 2014
Check back with the Department of Disability Services.

I'm not sure what legal status you had with the accommodation provider so I can't provide any clues as to whether they illegally evicted you.

Next time you do work for someone, recommend get payment or do it for barter in advance (eg 2 weeks rent free).