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    QLD Disability allowances by FCC when Self Represented

    Thank you for your time. I have been under the help of specialists for a long time and my processing / adaptive abilities are low. I usually just can't understand what I see or hear at the time, and need extra time to understand and make decisions or do what I a supposed to do. I know that...
  2. D

    QLD Eviction Notice and on Financial Hardship - What are My Rights?

    Until recently, I was residing in Supported Accommodation due to a long term illness. As I have had many legal battles happening behind the scenes, I have recently experienced some financial hardship which caused me to fall behind in my rent by 2 weeks. I provided prior notice that I forecasted...
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    SA Employment Law - Am I Entitled to Know Reasons for Suspension?

    As an employee of Disability Services, am I legally entitled to know the reason and/or details for being suspended under employment law? I was initially told it was due to a complaint, now I've been told H.R are looking into an issue.
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    WA Will with Public Trustee - Issue with Brother's Inheritance?

    My mother died in April 2013 and had made a will with the Public trustees in which a lesser portion of her estate was left to my older brother and my remaining 3 siblings and I received equal shares but a significantly larger portion than my brother. She had a good relationships with all of us...