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Finance is the study of money and how it is used. Specifically, it deals with the questions of how an individual, company or government acquires the money needed - called capital in the company context - and how they then spend or invest that money.
Finance is, correspondingly, often split into three areas: personal finance, corporate finance and public finance.At the same time, finance is about the overall "system"

- i.e. the financial markets that allow the flow of money, via investments and other financial instruments, between and within these areas;
this "flow" is facilitated by the financial services sector.
A major focus within finance is thus investment management — called money management for individuals, and asset management for institutions — and finance then includes the associated activities of securities trading & stock broking, investment banking, financial engineering, and risk management.
More abstractly, finance is concerned with the investment and deployment of assets and liabilities over "space and time":
i.e. it is about performing valuation and asset allocation today,
based on risk and uncertainty of future outcomes,
incorporating the time value of money (determining the present value of these future values, "discounting", requires a risk-appropriate discount rate).
As an academic field, finance theory is studied and developed within the disciplines of management, (financial) economics, accountancy and applied mathematics.
Correspondingly, given its wide application, there are several related professional qualifications, that can lead to the field.
As the debate to whether finance is an art or a science is still open, there have been recent efforts to organize a list of unsolved problems in finance.

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  1. S

    VIC Child Support - Financial Consent Orders - 10 years later

    Financial consent orders (and parenting orders) all sealed and stamped years ago when children toddlers. Ex and I are now on semi-amicable terms when it comes to raising our children, co-parenting OK. Money matters is a different story. He refuses to discuss finances, bordering on abusive...
  2. C

    VIC Legal Implications of Investing in a HYIP

    I was wondering if there is a lawyer or some other suitably qualified person who could answer my question with 100% certainty. Here it is: Although high risk is involved, is it perfectly legal to invest in a HYIP program that pays in crypto? What happens if the company running it turns out to be...
  3. Dpj

    Set aside financial order

    Hi All, Found out my ex didnt declare a business in her assets when determining property settlement. This business is now considerable (EBITDA ~$500k). I believe the financial orders could be set aside as declaration of the business, and her legitamate income, would have altered my decision to...
  4. G

    VIC Debts re Consent Orders for Financial Settlement

    Will try to keep this brief, but in summary, I am negotiating with my ex's solicitor about what should be included in the application for consent orders. I have a debt of about $60-70k to my solicitor for parenting matters, whereas my understanding is that my ex has paid off her solicitor in...
  5. D

    VIC Defacto separation and financial agreements.

    Hello My defacto and I are very likely separating after approx 13 years. His health is declining due to excess alcohol and nearing retirement in a few months. I am 7 years younger. He is very writing and technology illiterate, so wants everything done by me, at my time and unpaid costs although...
  6. B

    financial settlement - court as an option, how long

    I'm at start of financial settlement with ex. We've done the financial disclosure. Ive asked him for the asset list and sheet...just bc I dont have a lawyer right now as he's starved me of funds temporarily. Nothing complicated, but I think he'll ask for maybe 55 and I'll request about 68. I...
  7. E

    Financial settlement and capital gains tax

    I am trying to mediate a financial settlement with my husband. We have come to an agreement that I will get 55% of the asset pool. However he will end up with out investment properties and he is claiming that I am liable to pay him for for possible future capital gains tax should he sell them in...
  8. R

    VIC Lawsuit against company - what happens if company is unable to pay financial compensation?

    Hello, What happens if an employee wins a case at VCAT against their employer who is a small business (for a discrimination case) & asks for financial compensation - but the employer is unable to pay?
  9. G

    SA What constitutes financial advice?

    Hi all, I am a quantitative analyst with an interest in financial markets. Recently some friends have asked me to develop some quantitative risk models to assist them in their personal investing. I understand this is complex, but does this constitute financial advice? I understand the test...
  10. R

    NSW Are banks and financial institutions legally required to provide access to physical currency.

    I wasn't sure where to post this so please move if this is the wrong Forum. I wanted to know if Australian Banks have a legal requirement to provide access to physical legal currency? This comes about because one of the banks I use for personal and business has basically refused to stock and...