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NSW Entrapment from Female on Dating Website?

Discussion in 'Defamation Law Forum' started by hayband, 30 August 2015.

  1. hayband

    hayband Member

    30 August 2015
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    Need help on what and where to go with a matter surrounding a female from USA that made contact with me on a dating website that has her profile listed age as 22 and I am 50. I have been in contact with her for about 3 weeks as she said she said was coming over to Sydney to stay with me at the end of Sept and last night, while talking on Skype, she informs me she is 13 and is going to get me put in jail for a long time for being a pedophile.

    Just thought she was talking s**t and being stupid and hung up then proceeded to check on Google and dropped to my knees to find out she was telling the truth about her age and there were many police artacalls on here being missing around Christmas 2015 and being found through my taks with her.

    I knew somthing wasn't right as she told me she had bipolar and been traumatized in her past. I'm very worried about this as she has my name and address phone number and I just checked Skype and she left a message yesterday stating how she manipulated me and was very smart.

    She is still on dating site and may entrap others. I fear for what will happen if nothing is done. She lives in Virginia, not sure.
  2. coolla1

    coolla1 Active Member

    2 September 2015
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    Hi just being helpful but you state the dating site has her age at 22. Maybe this in itself may be the key to being misled by her and the dating site. Have you informed the dating site about this?
  3. Alimacf

    Alimacf Member

    12 September 2015
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    I believe you have to ACT on something for it to be a criminal act. Heresay is not usually acceptable. The obvious is, have nothing whatever to do with the matter. Under no circumstance meet, agree to meet or attempt to explain your side of things by phone, msm, text or personal meetings. You have been duped once, don't be gullible and be tricked intlo meeting or speaking to a so called go-between, especially one who is going to fix it all and make everything right. If possible get a witness in fast if you get a knock on the door, or get accosted someplace. Make notes of everything including time and date, that is a very compelling form of evidence.If she starts appearing round your property do not hesitate to getthe police involved. They would look at a stalking matter. Above all don't give in to blackmail. She may turn out to be he. Nasty event. Best of luck with the outcome

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