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Europcar Mobility Group is a French car rental company founded in 1949 in Paris. The head office of the holding company, Europcar Group S.A., is in the business park of Val Saint-Quentin at Voisins-le-Bretonneux (Saint Quentin en Yvelines), France.Today, Europcar operates in 140 countries covering Europe, North America, Western Asia, and Africa.
Since May 2006, Europcar has been owned by Eurazeo. Keddy is the Europcar leisure rental sub-brand.

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    QLD Getting Money Back from Europcar under Australian Consumer Law?

    There were small minor stone chip been cores, on lower front bar/ spoiler of rental car. I filled out the incident report as requested by the counter staff at the time and I was also informed by the counter staff that it will be a wear and tear of the rental car. I found out a few weeks later...
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    VIC Car Accident with Hire Car - Car Insurance Payable?

    Hi, hoping someone can help me out figure out the best course of action regarding the following scenario: I was stopped at a set of lights (about 3 cars back) when I was rear ended by a silver Outlander. As it was a first major car accident for me. I wasn't sure exactly what to do so I got on...