enquiry about job opportunities for Indian citizenship

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26 June 2020
Hi, I am an Indian Citizen and i have just graduated from law school here. ( I did a 5 year integrated law program BALLB). I had applied for my Llm in Australia and had received an offer from an university in Melbourne for the current intake i.e August 2020, but due to COVID 19 and how the situation is in India i had requested the university to defer my admission for the next semester, but unfortunately it has been deferred for next year i.e August 2021. Since my whole plan has been deferred till next year, i was hoping if someone could help me out with a few queries i have since i don't want my year to go a waste.
  1. I am aware that for me to get a work visa i need to study in Australia for a minimum 2 years. So my initial plan was to do my 1 year of Llm and then apply for my Diploma of law so that i am eligible for the bar. But due to COVID my plans have been on pause. Do you think this plan is alright? and is there anythingelse i have to do for being eligible for the bar?
  2. Since i have a year to spare, and seeing the situation here in India its not feasible for me to travel right now, but hoping that things get better by feb 2021, do you think that i can do a traineeship/ internship in the field of law till the time i start my Llm? And if there is a possibility how do go about it (the process and visa ) ?
Hope you can help me out, i have been very confused about how to go about this and any your suggestions can help me get some clarity.
Thank you.