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Aarti Patel

19 December 2019
Hi, my name is Aarti, I am an Indian, having Australian Citizenship. Me and my 18-month-old son are here in India for the last few months. It's been 8 months since I have separated from my husband who is also an India having Australian Citizenship. While I returned to India a few months back, he is still in Australia.
There are a few questions regarding the same -
1) Should I apply for a divorce in India or Australia, since we got married in India as per Hindu Marriage Act and shifted to Australia after that?
2) Can he forcefully take me or my son back to Australia or send a letter from Australian Court or his attorney asking for the same (will it be valid in India), since both I and my son are in India right now?
3) We have a property in both of our names (Equal stake) in Australia, do I have to sell my stake right now or I can do it later after the divorce and child custody issues are settled?
4) Can I ask for him to return documents regarding my child's birth certificate and my personal documents from Australia since I am not thinking of returning to Australia anytime soon?