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The City of Adelaide, also known as the Corporation of the City of Adelaide and Adelaide City Council is a local government area in the metropolitan area of greater Adelaide, South Australia and is legally defined as the capital city of South Australia by the City of Adelaide Act 1998. It includes the Adelaide city centre, North Adelaide, and the Adelaide Park Lands, which surround North Adelaide and the city centre.
Established in 1840, the City of Adelaide Municipal Corporation was the first municipal authority in Australia. At its time of establishment, Adelaide's (and Australia's) first mayor, James Hurtle Fisher, was elected. From 1919 onwards, the municipality has had a Lord Mayor, as of 2019 being Sandy Verschoor, who replaced Martin Haese in 2018.

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  1. Aarti Patel

    SA Other/General Law Forum

    Hi, my name is Aarti, I am an Indian, having Australian Citizenship. Me and my 18-month-old son are here in India for the last few months. It's been 8 months since I have separated from my husband who is also an India having Australian Citizenship. While I returned to India a few months back, he...
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    SA Parking Fines - Fight Them in Court?

    I am a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) War Veteran and a member of the TPI Association (SA). Our Association has agreements with many local government bodies, including the Adelaide City Council to allow members to park free of charge under "Green Plated" signs of 30 minutes or...
  3. Les Laub

    SA Who Own the Objects Thrown into a Rubbish Bin?

    In South Australia there is a 10c refund on drink containers. People often throw these containers into bins when they have finished with them. I note that the Adelaide City Council (and probably every other Council) is delighted when people retrieve these, collect the deposit and then recycle...