SA DPP guidelines for bail change

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27 March 2018
My husband was arrested under the Mental Health Act after assaulting someone with a knife. He was later charged and is awaiting trial. He was granted bail and is on home detention at his Aunt's house in Adelaide. We live in the Riverland and are desperate for him to come back to the area where he has support and access to the mental health services he needs. His application to modify his bail conditions has been rejected twice we think because the address we nominated was too close to the victim (it was 4.3km's away). We are prepared to rent a house as far away as DPP like just to have him in the area. But how far is far enough? The house we are currently looking at is 20km's away, DPP won't tell us if this will be acceptable until we rent the house, we don't want to rent the house and then have the application rejected. Any advice?