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The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is a Taiwanese nationalist and centre-left political party in Taiwan. Controlling both the Taiwan Presidency and the unicameral Legislative Yuan, it is the majority ruling party and the dominant party in the Pan-Green Coalition.
Founded in 1986, the DPP is one of two major parties in Taiwan, along with the historically dominant Kuomintang. It has traditionally been associated with strong advocacy of human rights, anti-communism, and a distinct Taiwanese identity. The incumbent President and three-time leader of the DPP, Tsai Ing-wen, is the second member of the DPP to hold the office.The DPP is a long-term member of Liberal International and a founding member of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats. It represented Taiwan in the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation. The DPP and its affiliated parties are widely classified as socially liberal because of their strong support for human rights, including support for marriage equality. They are also proponents of a Taiwanese national identity. In addition, the DPP is more willing to increase military expenditures to defend against a potential Chinese invasion, and on foreign policy favors closer ties with the United States and Japan.

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    NSW Access to Children After Divorce - What to Do?

    Deep breath, tissues at hand. My ex-partner made some very wild and serious allegations about me when I asked her for a divorce. Long story short, she accused me of sexual intercourse with out consent. It went to trial but then the DPP pulled the plug. (lack of corroborating evidence/no medical...
  2. M

    QLD Criminal Code - Unable to Arrest People as a Citizen?

    Hi all, I owned/operated a security firm in NSW for many years. During my career, I arrested several offenders. I have since retired and moved to QLD. I found myself in a situation where police were failing to act in relation to Hooning offences (evidence handed to the Crime and Corruption...
  3. T

    SA DPP guidelines for bail change

    My husband was arrested under the Mental Health Act after assaulting someone with a knife. He was later charged and is awaiting trial. He was granted bail and is on home detention at his Aunt's house in Adelaide. We live in the Riverland and are desperate for him to come back to the area where...
  4. C

    QLD Police Officer Provided False Statements - What to Do?

    Hi I have never been arrested or charged with anything in my life (49 years old) until August 2015. The matter is still before the District Court and the Arresting Officer was recently cross examined in a pre-trial hearing. The officer admitted that he provided a false statement and also...
  5. C

    QLD Who to Submit Subpoena to?

    When requesting the court order/ subpoena, the arresting officer, DPP and the Magistrate enter their oaths of office into the case. Who do I serve the paperwork/ order/ subpoena on? And can I put a motion into court to define certain words?
  6. D

    QLD Can I Take Evidence to DPP?

    If I can now prove that my ex wife has deliberately lied in her affidavit with the intention to cause further harm to myself. Under criminal law, do I have to wait to go back to court or can I take the evidence to the DPP for a criminal investigation?
  7. J

    NSW What to Expect from DPP Meeting?

    Hi, I am involved in a police investigation and my position is as a victim/ witness. Yesterday, the DPP contacted me and told me to come for a conference. I am just wondering what to expect at this meeting... Will it be a video conference? Will the police detectives be present? What exactly...
  8. K

    WA Criminal Law on Sexual Abuse by Doctors Pre-1992?

    I was sexually abused by my psychiatrist from the age of 16, when I started seeing him for depression. Last year, he was arrested, but now the DPP say they might have to drop the charges because the law pre-1992 covered teachers and guardians, but not doctors. Surely there's a criminal law...
  9. A

    QLD Received QP9 - Definition of "Indecent Treatment"?

    Hi, unusual question I know but I have searched and I am unable to find any precedent for this. On one ocassion while having a conversation with my Stepdaughter (age 15 1/2) I rubbed the small of her back (she was lying face down). On my QP9 (brief) it states that I rubbed her back. This...
  10. K

    QLD Centrelink - How Long Do Fraud Investigations Take?

    Hi, does anyone know how long Centrelink takes to conduct their investigations into alleged fraud and then how long before the DPP prosecute? Thanks