VIC Does anyone have advice on Child protection in Family law disputes?

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30 July 2021

I am looking for some information on child protection interventions in Victoria? I have recently had my 11 year old daughter taken away after she has mentioned feeling sucidal to a school friend. This has happened and has been a roll on custody dispute where my ex husband has been fighting for sole custody for 6 years. My ex husband has been trying to manipulate the sytem and has told child protection that there is constant domestic violence in my house with my casual partner. There is not constant domestic violence. There was an incident were we had an argument and my ex husband told our daughter to record it so he could take to police.

The Police issued a saftey notice and ended up withdrawing a year ago. My ex husband has used the recording as the base of his current arguments with child protection. There is also the religious manipulation where my daughter has been told "Mum is a bad example and god wont answer your prayers if you condone her lifestyle"....How does any professional not look at all the underlying details here?