VIC Do I need Australian Lawyer as well?

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26 April 2020
My estranged husband lives and works overseas, most of our assets are in New Zealand, and will have to be sorted out I have been advised by a NZ attorney. Neither of us live in NZ anymore and havent done for over 9 years. My husband and I have lived apart for over 5 years.
I have been advised that child maintenance and spousal support will need to be decided by an Australian court. and is not a part of the asset determination ( that the NZ lawyer will deal with), I am living in Australia with my child, who is 13, and has autism, do I need to hire and Australian Divorce lawyer as well


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24 September 2018
Hello Yellowstone

Child Maintenance

Are you are specifically seeking child maintenance to allow for expenses in relation to your son's special needs??

If you are not seeking child maintenance, and you are eligible for Child Support in Australia you probably do not need a lawyer, you will need to contact the Child Support Agency.

Spousal Maintenance

If the father agrees to pay you spousal maintenance, you can ask him to sign papers to be filed with the Family Court on Australia to formalise the agreement.

If he does not agree to pay spousal maintenance you will need to make an application to the court to get a court order that the father pay you spousal maintenance.

It is would be advisable to get an Australian Lawyer with respect to spousal maintenance.

Let me know if this helps.