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A country is a political state, nation, or controlled territory. It is often referred to as the land of an individual's birth, residence, or citizenship.
A country may be an independent sovereign state or part of a larger state, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, a physical territory with a government, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated people with distinct political characteristics. It is not inherently sovereign.
Countries can refer both to sovereign states and to other political entities, such as Vatican City, while other times it can refer only to states. For example, the CIA World Factbook uses the word in its "Country name" field to refer to "a wide variety of dependencies, areas of special sovereignty, uninhabited islands, and other entities in addition to the traditional countries or independent states".The largest country in the world is Russia, while the most populous is China, followed by India and the United States of America. The newest country with widespread international recognition as a sovereign state is South Sudan.

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  1. juahime

    QLD Leaving the country before citizenship ceremony

    Hello, I currently live in Brisbane and hold a Permanent Residence (through Permanent Employer Sponsored or Nominated Visa 186). My VISA states that I "Must not arrive after" 23 June 2022. I have also been approved citizenship, however, I have not received the ceremony invitation yet. This was...
  2. A

    Separated from wife >3yrs & she left the country

    hey there, My dads been separated from my mum now for over 3years, tbh i think its almost 4yrs. He's been with a new partner, even moved states to live with her, a year ago. and still my mum refuses to let him finalise their divorce because she wants to control his life. She's a class A...
  3. B

    NSW Car accident not at fault, other party international student fled the country

    Hi Everyone, I'm completely lost with my current situation. I just have no idea how to proceed, been asking around couple of lawyers and they're not sure how to deal with this (maybe havent found the right expert in this matter). I have no comprehensive insurance neither does the damager. So, I...
  4. L

    QLD Divorce my husband, left country to avoid federal police case

    Hi we were together 25 years, married 2001, separated 2012, domestic violence case, he chased me around Australia, catching up with me twice while on DVO FROM Darwin NT, got me to sign sale house, got me to try get charges of assault dropped. I got away from him again and my daughter reported...
  5. CatherineW

    QLD Can someone steal something belonging to you when you’re not in the same country?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can answer this dilemma for me? I I am currently living in Queensland and have a $3,000 saddle in Canada kept where my horse was. I am in the process of selling it and went via PayPal Business with a buyer in the USA. My friend went today to pick up the saddle...
  6. D

    VIC BVA leaving country

    My partner is moving out . Current status is on BVA. Can they leave country with that. As they dont intend to come back. BVA is from the 820 application in the queue. We are planning to move out of the relationship so can you please advice.