NSW Discrimination and Racism in Awarding Scholarship?

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26 March 2015
Hi there,

I need a legal advice about my case. I feel unfairly in the scholarship results, my application was unsuccessful. I got highest GPA and the scholarship gave to the student that have GPA lower than me.
There are 4 questions in the application, when I investigate my case, they said because of question 3, I am not good than other student and each criteria is rank equally. However, in the criteria paper, it does not set it rank equally, purpose states this scholarship support high achieving student.

The committee who decided result said:
I may choose to be the valedictorian or a tutor, other student may want to join a water reuse project or join their country community or their plan are good than you and they did not get the highest GPA because they was sick.
Because of the answer of this question, make me different and not get the scholarship.

When I asked them, do you verify student words, and guarantee they will do what they said because it is only a plan. They said No, not verify and not guarantee.

I asked how do you know it is truth? they said by looking at how well they response the question.
I said: Do you concern about the reason why I did not join my community? Because after class time, I need to go to work to pay living fees, and I do not have enough time to join any community.

They said: It is not relevant in the scholarship.

When I submitted to the vice chancellor office - a document of all the questions that show the selection process is unfair and the purpose and the criteria is different because the purpose state to support student had high achieving and based on the criteria the student received the scholarship have good plan not highest GPA.

They did not answer my questions and threaten me if I stay without cOe It is illegal, push me to pay the fee or release, however the release may be refused and I need to go back my country.

After that, I came to vice chancellor office ask to meet vice chancellor, they did not let me do that, they said they will pass document to vice chancellor. I received an email of deputy vice chancellor with a letter that make me accept the result without answering my questions. And give me 2 option: pay the fee, explain with immigration office and release. They said they will not verify the selection process because it is fair.

I am an international student, at the beginning, I want to meet vice chancellor about my case, but I just can met managers, directors etc. and all of them did not answer me all of the questions.

Do I have a right to meet vice chancellor and get the answer from him?
Can I make a complaint about discrimination my selected job and my achievement?

They did not let me know who is the student get the scholarship, I do not know do they have racism discrimination.


Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
You will need to read the scholarship application terms and conditions in detail to see whether it gives you he right to appeal and any complaint or dispute resolution process you should follow. I'm sure you can make a complaint setting out your concerns, but know that it won't necessarily change the outcome. Usually, the organisation awarding the scholarship will have the right to award the scholarship in their absolute discretion.


26 March 2015
Thanks for your reply, Victoria. Even if the process is unfair, the outcome still will not change? Because they have the right to give the scholarship to anyone who they want to receive the scholarship?

And I only can make a complaint about they need to answer my concern...

Is it right?