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QLD Unfair Suspension from School - Appeal the Punishment?

Discussion in 'Other/General Law Forum' started by peter cappetti, 4 November 2015.

  1. peter cappetti

    4 November 2015
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    My 13 year old son (grade 7) was suspended today for accidentally hitting a teacher with a biscuit which was intended to hit another student (a mate) in their fun. The school called our home and my wife spoke to them, they told her he is suspended for 3 days for hitting the teacher with a biscuit. My wife told them that his Father (me) is on his way to pick him up.

    I got to school to find that my Son was in the Student Foyer waiting me, no teacher, no Dean, no Heads, nobody except the Foyer Staff. I asked to speak to someone about the punishment which I strongly believe is over the top. The Head of Dept for grade 7 came and we went to a private room to discuss the punishment but at no time was my argument taken into account and when I disputed her, she had to get the Duty in to assist her. But It was useless they stuck together regardless of any argument I came up with, they were only concerned about the Teacher.

    I put it to them if it was a student that was hit, would the punishment be the same? The answer I got was no. At that, I said "so, what you're saying is that the teacher is more important than the students?" and again the answer was yes..

    I feel that the punishment is far too excessive for a accident.

    Do I have the right to Appeal the Punishment and defend my son?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    Hi peter cappetti,

    A public school cannot suspend a student without a good reason and clear process. They must also act fairly if they are planning to suspend your child. Generally in Qld, students can be suspended for misbehaving or disobeying teachers and in addition to that many schools have their own rules.

    A principal must explain to you as parent why they believe the child should be suspended and give you an opportunity to discuss the allegations and respond - which it appears they have done. In some cases you can appeal a suspension however you are not able to if the suspension is less than 10 days. Therefore you are limited to filing a compliant with the department of education if you feel your child has been unfairly treated.

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