WA De Facto Partner Conned My Brother Into Property Deal

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24 February 2015
My brothers so called Fiancé (de facto) convinced him to draw his savings out of fund to invest in a property deal, the money on investigating, went into her bank account. Following more investigating have found out she has lied since the beginning of the relationship (9 years approx.) about almost everything. Date of birth & year of birth, where she is living & more. She did promise to pay him $200,000 when she sold her house but she has not put it on the market.

He has called off the engagement, telling her there never was a true relationship. She also has a insurance policy on him, for accidental death, naming him as her spouse. Is there anything we can do under family law?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Jennifer,

Can you currently contact the ex? Your brother should write a formal letter to her asking that she return the money advanced to her for the purposes of investing within [30] days otherwise legal action may be sought without prior notice. You can change the number of days, but it should be reasonable to allow her to comply with your brother's requests.

Contact a lawyer immediately and enquire about the best steps to take as there could be a risk of her transferring the funds away, or disappearing. Which state is your brother currently in?

As for the life insurance, does your brother know which insurance company she has a policy out with? Your brother can contact them and inform them he is not her spouse, they are not married, and have since separated. Inform them that your brother wishes to be taken off the insurance plan or wishes to have this transferred to a separate plan with his own beneficiaries named.