VIC De Facto - Ex is Trying to Register New Relationship?

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15 May 2019
My ex-fiancé and I were in a de facto relationship and still are, according to our Centrelink details. Our breakup was very recent and we haven’t finished sorting out how to separate our property and we are still on a lease together at the moment. We separated due to his affair with his very young employee.

I know he is trying to register a new relationship with this girl for the purpose of getting her a partner visa. She is currently here on a working holiday visa from the UK but she did not complete the 88 days farm work for a second year so she wants a partner visa instead.

My question is how or if my/our current de facto (with Centrelink) will affect the registration of the new relationship for him? And the possibility of her partner visa? (Off topic does she have to go home at any point while the partner visa is pending? Asking because I have doubts that my ex-fiancé is over our relationship and I’d like the chance to even talk to him about us without her in the picture (is that petty??))

We have been de facto for about 4 years (maybe longer I’m not 100% sure) according to our Centrelink data.