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WA De Facto Left with My Property and Credit Card Debt

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Samantha487, 10 October 2015.

  1. Samantha487

    Samantha487 Member

    23 August 2015
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    My ex de facto and I broke up due to him using methamphetamine and having psychotic episodes. He went and got a rental and after a week he apologised for everything and said he wanted us to be together and he would stop the methamphetamine use.

    I moved some boxes of things to his house and stayed one night then we went back to my place and spent couple nights there whilst I was packing up my things. On night the 3rd night, he had a meth psychotic episode and was breaking up with me once again. He owes my pensioner parents money (their only savings they had, $40,000) and I knew he would never pay it back. The guilt I felt about them loosing their money and the hurt I was feeling was too much so I took an overdose of tablets.

    I was taken to hospital by ambulance and whilst in hospital my ex packed up things of his that were still at my place and also helped himself to many other items that were mine and my parents'. I do not have a phone number to contact him (he would trash his mobile phones after having them for a couple of days as he would believe they were hacked) so I went around to his place to get my things. He never answered the door and refused to contact me and return my things.

    The police tell me because we were de facto for over 2 years he has a right to my things and I would have to take him to court to get it back. He also has a land cruiser that he purchased with money loaned from my parents (part of the $40,000.00 he ripped them off) but because it is in his name I'm told I don't have much hope getting that back either.

    He was the sole income earner and provider and I did the bookwork for his business. When he left I had not one cent to my name and no job.. He left me with over $4000 worth of bills, There is also $24,000.00 worth of credit card debt and because the cards were in my name I am responsible for paying them off and he gets away with not helping. I have been to see 2 lawyers and both say it would be very costly to go after him in court and it probably waste of time because if court tells him to pay and he does not, I'm the one the banks will still chase, and as for the land cruiser. It would cost more money to fight him in court to get it back than what it's worth.

    There is also more to the story regarding a mortgage, and my parents' house was used as security. Both houses have to be sold and my pensioner parents (my father has high care dementia now) have to go into the rental system and start over due to my ex taking all their money and costing them their house. He also trashed my mother's car looking for police bugs (he had extreme paranoia) doing approx. $2000 worth of damage (the police said he would just deny it and get away with it).
  2. sammy01

    sammy01 Well-Known Member

    27 September 2015
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    yep I agree with solicitors, give up. I'm so sorry. BUT I just don't think you're gonna have any luck chasing him for the money. To get a solicitor to run the case through court will cost tens of thousands and even if you win IF you can't show that he has $$$ in assets then how can you get the $$ from him??? you can't....

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