NSW Criminal Law - Court Ordered Psychiatric Assessment?

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10 March 2015
Under Criminal Law, can the Judge (e.g. in the Supreme Court) order a Psychiatric Assessment on the accused, if they think it's relevant to the case?

And can the Accused's Barrister also give a range of defences, why they don't think that should be required?

And does the court have to order 3 psychiatric assessments or just 1? And does the accused choose his/her psychiatrist or does the court choose the psychiatrist/s?

Can you also in court have a paid doctor in your legal counsel team interpret medico-legal reports for you, and counter-claim and give expert medical analysis/opinion disagreeing with the court ordered Doctors, e,g. Psychiatrists/Orthopedic Doctors (like in domestic violence claims interpreting the nature of injuries, e.g. broken arms/legs and disagreeing with the Police Forensic report/disputing the accuracy of the forensics, e.g. a DNA testing experts in your legal team, etc)?


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10 February 2015
Hi Steve,

Why are you asking these questions? Are you facing a criminal charge?
Do you have legal representation?