Concussion x accident x impaired driving

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12 October 2018
Hoping someone might be able to give some advice regarding a pretty complex situation that my partner has gotten himself in.
Not too long ago my partner hit his head quite seriously at work (incident form was completed), however the next day he went back to work, got into a customer's car (as he's a mechanic) and fainted due to being concussed from hitting his head the previous day.
All the correct procedures were carried out. He was taken to the hospital and tested for impairments which came back negative, so basically no impairments were to blame for the accident. The hospital wrote it off as a concussion.
About a month ago, we had a policeman arrived at our house and serve him with notice to appear papers for having THC in his system. Meanwhile, the hospital noted NO impairments, and his work insurance for income pay and damage to the customers vehicle were all approved.
He was due for court Monday and adjourned his case to the end of the month.
I also need to mention that this will be the 2nd time. However, he received good behaviour as we were moving to the desert and the judge didn't want to take the opportunity from him.
The first time was in NSW, and this time its in QLD. AND he has his SA license. Very complex situation!

Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You need to figure out exactly what you're asking, and put it in the correct forum. I'd suggest, for example, the criminal law forum. This is for commercial law.