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  1. J

    NSW What Are My Options After Motorbike Accident?

    Hi, my fiancee and I were hit by a truck while riding my motorbike 7 months ago. We sustained serious injuries from the motorbike accident - life threatening and we are still recovering. We've just been informed that while the police went to lay charges of dangerous driving causing grievous...
  2. linda.calitz

    WA Traffic Law - Son in Motorbike Accident - Pay the Other Person's Costs?

    Hi All, My son was in a motorbike accident with another vehicle last year. His motorcycle insurance lapped and he wasn’t covered at that time. We received the police report and also spoke to the police, they said that they can't indicate that anyone was at fault as it was purely an accident...
  3. K

    WA RAC Threatening to Sue Me - Am I Liable to Pay?

    Hi all As the title suggested, I am about to be sued by RAC if they don't get the money by a deadline. What happened is I was involved in a motorbike accident early last month, and I was at fault according to my insurer, which is AAMI. As soon as accident occurred, both drivers exchanged...
  4. M

    NSW Non-Contact Car - Motorbike Accident - Who is at Fault?

    Hi, My husband was in a non-contact car motorbike accident. My husband (in a car) was entering a round about with a car coming in the opposite direction going straight giving him right away to go, after entering the round about he saw a light flicker come out of nowhere, in the corner of his...
  5. L

    Can I Stop Ex from Taking Daughter on His Motorbike?

    My ex-husband had a very serious motorbike accident just before Christmas last year which almost killed him. My question is: is there a way I can stop him taking our 8-year-old daughter on his bike whilst she is in his care? I have asked him (very nicely) not to, as it scares me to death, but he...
  6. C

    VIC Personal Injury - Motorbike Accident?

    I fell off my motorbike (dirt bike) that was rec registered, on council property, in a motorbike accident and shattered my wrist. 14 weeks off work unpaid, no Centrelink, no nothing. There was a huge surgery bill I had to pay my personal injury. I still can't flex my wrist far enough back to...
  7. D

    QLD Motor Vehicle Accident - Drive with Drug in System

    I was in an accident about 6 months ago where I was knocked off my motorbike and injured quite badly. I am still making weekly hospital visits and probably still off work for another couple of months. The person that hit me in my motorbike accident has been charged, however a couple of days ago...
  8. S

    QLD Motorcycle Insurance Claim Issues

    My son and I went for a ride at the weekend. My son riding his motorcycle slipped on the road and consequently knocked me off my motorcycle. He has comprehensive motorcycle insurance and I am uninsured. His insurance company is claiming that because we live under the same roof they will not pay...
  9. A

    Motorbike Accident - Other Party at Fault

    I had a motorbike accident in September 2013 and the car insurance company for the at fault driver who ran up the back of me at a set of lights have been fighting me all the way. All I wanted was for them to fix it and the cost was $5,261.05. The insurance company wants to write off the bike...